Our high quality made-to-measure mattresses have long received much acclaim from our customers throughout the UK. A good example of which comes from Mr. Phillips of Bath who wrote:

“The foam mattress made by you is vastly superior for my purposes than the £750.00 orthopaedic mattress I’ve used up until now. You sent me the cheapest quote (by far) of three I requested. Please accept my sincere thanks for a prompt service and very fine workmanship.”


Which grade do I choose?

The grades of our foam suitable for mattresses being used daily (nightly) are PREMIER, COMFORT PLUS and VISCO ELASTIC. If you require a mattress that will be used for a very short period of time or only for the odd night then the BUDGET grade may be an option.

What thickness mattress?

We can supply mattresses to any thickness. A thickness of 6 inches is by far the most popular size of mattress ordered by our customers. It is deep enough to give adequate support on all types of bases. If necessary a 5 inch thickness would still suffice but please think of it as being the minimum we recommend for adults. For lightweight adults or children, then 4 inches can be satisfactory. Visco elastic 'memory' foam mattresses are generally made up of a 2 inch mattress overlay of Visco foam and 4 inches of Premier foam. We don’t bond these two layers together, so allowing the mattress and overlay to be turned independently. Please contact us for friendly expert advice.

What firmness mattress?

Our mattresses can be made from various grades of firmness, in any grade foam, giving you the comfort and support level you require. For example a heavy adult may find 6 inches of FIRM foam suitable, yet a slight adult may find 6 inches of MEDIUM more suitable. Contact us if you are unsure.

Sandwich mattresses

Alternatively we can offer a ‘Sandwich’ construction mattress. We will bond two or three thicknesses of any combination of foam you wish. One of our most popular combinations is 3 inches of FIRM foam laminated with 3 inches of MEDIUM foam. This gives an element of softness without losing the support. See the diagram right for other alternative variations.

‘His-n-Hers’ mattresses

We’ve thought for a long time that it’s odd how mattress manufacturers seem to assume that you and your partner’s tastes will be identical. In our experience most couple’s tastes in mattresses vary greatly; so at Foam for Home Direct we have the answer. We will make your new mattress from whichever two degrees of firmness you wish. Thus you will have two halves bonded together (from this day forward!), each side individually tailored to meet both your requirements.

Rest assured the bonded join is not felt and is as strong as the mattress itself.

Mattress Covers

Rather than purchase our mattresses plain and uncovered we find most of our customers order a made-to-measure mattress cover at the same time. They cover the entire mattress, both sides, to help frequent turning. They can be unzipped, machine washed and refitted.

Standard polycotton mattress covers

Hard wearing plain polycotton. Machine washable.

Quilted Waterproof mattress covers

These quality covers are made from a white quilted fabric that has a waterproof backing and you’ll be glad to know they don’t sound or feel like you’re sleeping on a crisp packet!

For a wide selection of Mattress Protectors see our Housekeepers Heaven online store.

Mattress overlays/toppers

One of the most common complaints people have concerning their existing bed is simply that it is far from comfortable. If you have this problem then we have a simple but effective solution.

We will make you a 2 inch thick overlay, to fit over your existing mattress. The overlay is made from a luxuriously comfortable foam and the difference we and our customers find it makes to an 'uncomfortable bed’ is quite exceptional. We have researched and selected foams specifically for this purpose and have supplied them to thousands of very satisfied customers all over the UK!

Thank you so much for the topper, I have had two really good night's sleep!

I would like to say that you and your Company offer a 'good old fashioned service'. By which I mean that there is a person to speak to, not a machine, and a knowledgeable and very helpful one at that.

P. Wade, via e-mail

The secret of our overlays is that they add the comfort you need whilst retaining the available support of your mattress and our overlays are suitable for use with an electric over or under blanket.

We would strongly advise ordering your new overlay to be covered in our zip-on poly/cotton cover. These are easily removed and can be machine washed.


Your overlay can be made in any of the grades explained below.

'Ripple/eggbox’ grade overlays

Our Foam for Home Direct ‘Ripple’ overlays have proved immensely popular with our customers since we introduced them to our range. They are designed to silently mould to the contours of the body and so give a supportive but comfortable night’s sleep. The ‘Ripple’ effect of the overlay promotes support of the body exactly where it needs it and at the same time helps to create ventilation. A zip-on washable poly/cotton cover is available to prolong the life of your ‘Ripple’ overlay. Slightly less expensive, our ripple overlays would not normally last quite as long as our other overlay grades.

‘Comfort Plus’ grade overlays

Our Comfort Plus Grade offers good quality combined with a worthwhile improvement in comfort. Excellent value for money with a life expectancy of 4-5 years. 'Soft' and 'firm' versions are available as with our Premier grade foam below. Please contact us for friendly expert advice.

'Premier’ grade overlays

Like our ‘Premier’ mattresses, this really is the finest quality foam overlay we make. We offer a luxuriously 'soft' version for instant relief from a too hard bed, or alternatively, a 'firm' version is available if you are trying to even out lumps/bumps in your mattress and/or want to benefit from added support. Made for nightly long term use, with a 5 year guarantee, these overlays have a life expectancy of 9-10 years with normal use. Please contact us for friendly expert advice.

Visco-Elastic 'memory' foam overlays

These excellent overlays are a relatively recent phenomenon and seem to be very well received by countless customers. Please note that not all 'memory' foam is the same. Ours is a quality high density version that is a full 2" (5cms) thick.

These overlays are designed to react to your body’s heat and will initially feel very firm to the touch. When your own body heat is passed to the Visco Elastic foam it will soften to cushion you in the right places. We highly recommend a poly/cotton cover to extend the life (9-10 years) of these overlays.

Standard 'ready-made size'
or 'made-to-measure'?

All our overlays are available in 'standard ready-made' sizes. You can view instant prices and buy online from our online store. However if you require an overlay made to a particular size and/or need it shaped, then NO PROBLEM! Simply click here to go to our online store made-to-measure overlay section.

Mattresses made to any size or shape
Trying our different foam mattress types
Bonding sandwich foam mattress layers
Sandwich foam mattress variations
His-n-hers foam mattress
Standard polycotton mattress overlay
Quilted waterproof mattress cover
Foam mattress overlay
Foam mattress overlay/topper
Our foam mattress overlays can be rolled for easy storage
ripple/eggbox foam overlay
ripple/eggbox foam overlay

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