Cushion Options

Stockinette undercovers

Our stockinette undercovers fit permanently around your new foam and are strongly recommended in order to give your outer covers a smooth, uncreased appearance. They also make the fitting and removal of covers considerably easier.

The stockinette creates a barrier between the foam and the outer cover and so protects the foam from wearing, if the cover moves.

Stockinette is not necessary on mattresses or overlays.

Polyester fibre wrapping

We can fit a polyester fibre wrapping to your new foam, to give a softer more rounded look to your cushions. It takes away the otherwise very angular look of new foam.

We offer a standard 6oz wrap which is what you will find on most existing suite cushions, or a heavy 14oz wrap which is required if you are replacing feather or fibre fillings with foam. This extra heavy wadding is needed to fill the shape that feather or fibre designed covers will have.

We then fit stockinette undercovers over the polyester wrapping, again making it easier to remove the outer covers if required.


If the front edge of your new cushion needs to be curved as shown, we can ‘Bullnose’ it for you.

‘Keyhole’ backrests

Very popular on caravan cushions, this profile as shown is available to give a little interest to an otherwise plain backrest. Particularly attractive if the outer cover is going to be buttoned-on.

‘Kneeroll Front’ edge

If you would like your seat cushions to have a raised ‘lip’ as shown (right), then we can bond a 1 inch ‘foam dome’ onto the top edge of your cushion. This profile, especially when buttoned, gives a similar effect to that which is seen in many modern caravans, motor caravans and some domestic furniture.

Custom Shape and Template Cutting Service

If you have an unusual shaped cushion requirement, we are more than pleased to make this for you. Please make a paper Template from Newspaper/Wrapping Paper or similar and send it in to us. Please remember to include your telephone number, thickness required and the type of foam you are looking for. If you are unsure on the grade please refer back to the ‘Our Foam Grades Explained’ section or contact us for guidance 0800 138 5758. When we receive the Template we will measure and contact you to confirm the price. You are not committed in anyway by sending a Template to us. If you would like an approximate price you can obtain this from putting your approximate sizes into the ‘Custom Shape’ section of our Online Cut-to-size foam store.

Church Kneelers made in ‘reconstituted’ or ‘chip’ foam

This multi-coloured foam is made in such a way that it is extremely hard, very dense and particularly heavy.

It has proved to be ideal for church kneelers/hassocks and we supply churches with these both upholstered and plain, in any quantity they wish. Many individual customers order them from us plain, make their own embroidered covers and give the completed kneelers/hassocks to their local church.

This foam is also supplied for any purpose where the foam is required to have virtually ‘no give’ due to space restriction perhaps.

I would like to send a sincere thank you to you and your staff for my new cushions which are wonderful, they have rejuvenated my chair and suite.

Thank-you too for arranging for them to be completed and returned so quickly that Fathers Day weekend with the family can be enjoyed to the full with no-one having to sit on orange boxes!!

Efficiency personified, and really impressive.

M. Rothery, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Cushions for ANY purpose

In other pages of our website we have concentrated on talking in detail about the mattresses and domestic furniture foams that we can offer.

Please realise, though, that we are able to supply you with foam and fibre that is made-to-measure for any purpose you have in mind – boats, horseboxes, packaging, window seats, caravans, cars, aircraft. Over the years we’ve supplied foam for all these purposes – and many more!

I am sending this email to thank you for sending my mother's special foam cushion so very quickly.

It seems that we only ordered it the other day, and it's here already.

If the service is always this fast, I will have no hesitation in ordering from you again, or recommending you to my friends.

L. Compton, via e-mail

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