After much research and feedback from our customers over the years, we outline here our range of foam grades which we believe really meets the needs of every one of our discerning customers.

We offer various grades of our foam depending on its intended purpose. All our foam grades meet the latest fire retardancy regulations and are what are known as RX Foams. These are the product of the latest technology and are generally considered to be superior to the older ‘CMHR’ Foams. RX Foams always register a true density – in laymen’s terms this will keep their comfort and shape for a long time to come.

Allergy sufferers will also be glad to know that all of our foams are non-allergenic.

We list our various grades below and further down the page. We also suggest their suitability for differnet purposes.

For friendly advice please call us on 0800 138 5758, or e-mail us.

Premier grade foam

This comes in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is without doubt the ‘Rolls Royce’ of our foam grades and has generated more praise from our customers than anything else we offer. It’s by far our best selling grade. Our Premier grade is ultra high density, of the finest quality and provides a degree of luxurious comfort which we believe to be unsurpassed. This grade is suitable when you require a high quality long lasting foam.

We offer a five year guarantee on all our Premier grade foam and it is expected to last 9-10 years of normal use.

Comfort Plus grade foam

This grade foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. This is a high quality, high density foam grade which we have found to perform excellently in a variety of applications. If you have a requirement for a foam that will be used daily as seats or beds for example, then the life expectancy of this foam would normally be 5 years or more.

Budget grade foam

This foam is available in SOFT, MEDIUM and FIRM. It is best suited when you require an economical foam for light use, for example headboards, petbeds, garden furniture etc. If you are not sure if this is the correct grade you need, then please contact us and we can advise you personally.

Visco-Elastic 'Memory' foam

This relatively new foam is available in a MEDIUM finish. Visco-Elastic foam has a very firm feel when first touched, but the heat sensitive nature of the foam means it will soften when body heat is transferred to it. This then gives a supportive and comfortable overlay for the body to lie on.

This foam is generally only used for mattress overlays, for which it has proved to be very comfortable.

What foam should I use?

As you may be aware there are many grades and firmnesses of foam available and your particular requirement may have been described above. But if not, the chart below shows some suggestions that may be of some guidance to you.

These are only suggestions and if you would like more advice please ring our friendly advice line on 0800 138 5758 or e-mail us.

Contact us for friendly expert advice
A premier grade his-n-hers foam mattress
A keyhole profile backrest foam cushion
A rolled front Foam cushion
Old foam cushions lack support
Refilled with new high density foam
Visco elastic memory foam
Comfort Plus,
and Visco-Elastic
As well as making mattresses with the same firmness throughout their depth, mattresses can also be made up with various layers of different firmnesses of foam. This enables you to have the exact feel you require.Visco-elastic foam is generally added at a depth of 2” to the top of a mattress.
Premier and
Comfort Plus
1”- 8”
We are able to supply foam seat cushions to your required depth. As a general rule the deeper the cushion, the harder the foam will be. So if you require a 3” depth then we would recommend a firm foam in either foam grade. Alternatively if the depth you require is 5” you could then choose a medium foam and this will be supportive enough.
Comfort Plus
& Budget
Generally 2”-6” depending on application We are able to supply foam back cushions to your required depth. As a general rule the deeper the cushion, the harder the foam will be. So if you require a 2” depth then we would recommend a firmer foam in either foam grade. Alternatively if the depth you require is 5” you could then choose a medium or soft foam and this will be supportive enough.
Budget &
Comfort Plus
2"- 4"
Individually designed headboards can be as thick as you like but generally 2" in a firm Budget grade is most suitable. If you do decide to go for a thicker foam then you could bring the firmness down to medium rather than a firm.
Window Seats
Comfort Plus
& Budget
2"- 4"
When deciding on the thickness of the foam most suitable for a window seat you need to take into account the height of the window cill it may be underneath. The firmness of the foam can become softer if you go for a 3"-4", but a firm foam is needed if choosing 2" foam. The amount of use should determine choosing the grade of foam to order.
Church Kneelers
6lb Chip foam
6lb Chip foam is the type of foam suitable for Church Kneelers. This foam is priced the same as our Premier grade foam. If you do order this foam, please order as Premier grade, and in the 'comments panel' on the shopping cart page please state you need 6lb chip foam.
Pew Seats
Comfort Plus
Usually made in our Comfort Plus 'firm' grade foam.
Pet Beds
2"- 4"
The firmness and depth of the foam depends on the size and weight of your pet. Please ask if you are unsure.
Cot Mattresses
Comfort Plus
2"- 4"
All our Cot foams are antimony free ‘Nursery foam’ so are safe for babies. The depth of the foam can be increased if you wish to increase the height of the base so you don’t have to lean into the cot so far to pick up your baby. We have approved wipe-clean covers available made-to-measure if required.
Back/Leg Rest Wedges
Comfort Plus
& Budget
Medium or firm foam is suitable for wedges. The grade you choose depends on the amount of use the wedge will get.
Yoga/Pilates Mats
Comfort Plus
and 6lb chip
Generally firm Comfort Plus grade and 6lb chip is used for Yoga and Pilates. The depth required depends on the purpose for which the foam is to be used.
Dining Chair Pads
Comfort Plus
and Premier
1.5"- 3"
Generally Firm foam is required.
Garden Furniture
Budget and
Comfort Plus
2"- 4"
The shallower the foam the firmer the foam needed. Again the amount of use the foam gets will determine the grade most suitable.
Cube Stools
Comfort Plus
12"-18" cubed Comfort Plus Firm is best suited to cube stools as it will regain its shape even with the weight of an average person sat upon it.
Sound Deadening Packaging Foam 1"- 2" We offer a profiled grey foam that is used as an inexpensive alternative to acoustic foam. Alternatively Budget grade foam will also help to absorb sound.
If we haven’t covered your particular need please give us a call on 0800 138 5758 or
e-mail us
. You can be sure we’ve dealt with more bizarre requests than yours, see below!

A few of the more weird and wonderful foam requirements we've supplied!

Potato landing mats, Sumo warrior suit, Palm trees for a film set, Car Conker protector, Sheep foot baths, Boobs and hips for drag queen, Huge floor puzzles, Lining for flat-pack coffins, Bed rolls for the British Army, Giant Fish and Chip shapes for a Carnival float plus TOO MANY OTHER WEIRD REQUESTS TO BE ABLE TO LIST! As we managed to satisfy all the above requirements we are sure we'll also be able to help YOU!

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